As discussions on the climate crisis flow to the fore at COP26, 百乐博app下载(BSA)很自豪地推出了两个新的CREST奖资源 UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) to inspire students to investigate issues around climate change, sustainability and one of Earth’s core resources – water.

Available at Gold and Silver levels, CREST奖的“水文”资源鼓励中学生考虑气候变化对世界水循环的现实影响, and develop innovative solutions for the future.

Download the Silver resource

Download the Gold resource

The CREST Awards 该计划使学生在动手实践的过程中成为年轻的科学家, investigative projects that interest them. Using these new resources, 学生可以选择参加各种以水文为重点的挑战, 从制定智能水解决方案和应急洪水计划,到研究粮食短缺和干旱的解决方案.

Climate change has never more been visible across the world than now, with extreme weather events affecting agriculture, infrastructure, public health and more, and demanding our ongoing attention and action. Released during the COP26 conference, 这些资源为学生提供了一个极好的机会,通过基于场景的学习来参与这些重要而复杂的问题.

BSA与UKCEH的合作反映了他们对提高年轻人的环境意识和责任感的共同承诺, all whilst fostering their interest and involvement in STEM subjects.

Maria Rossini, Head of Education at the BSA, said:

With COP26 now underway, 我们中的许多人将会思考如何在应对气候变化中发挥自己的作用. 在帮助年轻人理解这些问题方面,学校扮演着至关重要的角色, whilst also involving them in developing their ideas and solutions.


Victoria Barlow, Science Project Manager at UKCEH, said:

毫无疑问,气候变化是一个迫切需要解决的问题. 关键是要让年轻人对洪水和干旱等与气候相关的主题产生兴趣并作出承诺. 像这样的资源为学生提供了一个机会,让他们以一种吸引人的、灵活的方式学习, 同时也提高了人们对关键问题的认识,这些问题将在他们的生活中发挥重要作用. We hope that it might spark a new generation of hydrologists.

新的“水文”资源包括可访问的学生简介和全面的教师指南,以促进关于气候危机的知识共享和讨论, in classrooms and beyond. 如果你是一位教育家,有兴趣和你的学生一起使用这些专题资源, you can download the Gold pack here and the Silver pack here.

About the UKCEH

The UKCEH is an independent, 非营利性研究机构开展优秀的跨水域环境科学, land and air, with a long history of investigating, monitoring and modelling environmental change. UKCEH的重点是减缓和建立对气候变化的适应能力, preventing and reducing pollution, and creating sustainable ecosystems. UKCEH的研究范围从分子生物学延伸到全球气候模型, and involves fieldwork across the world.