The 百乐博app下载 (BSA) has today (18 November 2021) launched its latest funding programme – 高地和岛屿气候变化社区赠款哪个学校将提供最高4英镑的资助,500 to community groups in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to work with a researcher to run a project exploring a local climate issue that matters to them.  

高地和岛屿气候变化社区赠款计划由 英国研究与创新局(UKRI) and aims to make a local difference and build momentum from the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, 在格拉斯哥举行.

社区团体——尤其是那些通常不参与科学的团体, research and innovation – are invited to apply for funding to support projects based on a new idea or building on existing work by the community that would benefit from partnership with a researcher. The BSA and UKRI are particularly keen to hear from communities about projects that seek to explore ways of adapting to the effects of climate change, 例如, 极端天气事件或空气质量下降.

申请截止日期为2022年1月31日, 和受资助的项目预计将在2022年4月至10月期间运行.


上个月(2021年10月),在联合国气候变化框架公约第26次缔约方会议之前 国家统计局的意见和生活方式调查 revealed that three-quarters (75%) of adults in the UK said they were worried about the impact of climate change. 43%的人, the feeling of anxiousness about the future of the environment was further exacerbated in the run up to COP26.

来自 BEIS公众态度追踪, 他强调80%的人(82%), 相信如果每个人都尽自己的一份力, 我们可以一起减少气候变化的影响.

全球气候变化谈判在聚光灯下, 一些社区不仅关心气候紧急状况, 但他们热衷于参与解决这个问题. 这个计划旨在发展公平, 当地社区和研究人员之间的合作关系 to enable them to work together to tackle climate change and its local impacts.


高地和岛屿气候变化社区赠款 aims to empower communities – especially those who are traditionally underrepresented in 科学, 研究和创新(包括通过地理, socio-economic background or other protected characteristics) – to take action against a climate change issue that matters to them, 同时也让研究人员更加了解社区投入的价值.

这个计划旨在发展公平, 当地社区和研究人员之间的合作关系.

项目可以基于新的想法,也可以建立在社区现有工作的基础上. They will seek to explore ways of adapting to the expected effects of climate change and how such projects benefit from working in partnership with a researcher.


“在制定这项资助计划时, we explored two questions: ‘How could we enable communities to make a local difference and build on the momentum from COP26?”, ‘How could we support community groups in the Highlands and Islands to explore local action on climate change through connecting them with a researcher?’

“结果就是高地和岛屿气候变化社区赠款计划, which we hope will nurture and develop residents’ ideas by supporting diverse communities to use research to respond to climate change on their own terms.

“在UKRI的支持下, we are delighted to build on the interest and excitement of COP26 to reach far beyond negotiations in Glasgow, 进入高地和岛屿的当地社区. We’re looking forward to supporting successful applicants to deliver the aims and ambitions of the scheme.”

UKRI’s support of the BSA’s new grant scheme is part of their wider vision for an outstanding research and innovation system in the UK that gives everyone the opportunity to contribute and to benefit, 住在当地的浓缩, 在国家和国际.

通过支持和资助社区主导的公众参与方法, UKRI want to enable communities across the UK – particularly those that are underrepresented – to play an active role in research and innovation, 并直接从中受益.


“UKRI致力于让公众积极参与研究和创新. 气候变化的紧迫问题, 英国有很多社区和地方可能会受到不成比例的影响, but who do not tend to have opportunities to be part of the conversation about the research and innovation which can address these challenges.

“We are delighted therefore to be working with 百乐博app下载 to enable communities in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, 尤其是那些参与研究和创新的人数不足的人, 与研究人员合作,探索气候变化如何影响它们以及它们生活在哪里.”

科学同乐会, 在整个资助计划过程中,为社区团体和研究人员提供支持.

科学同乐会创始人兼总监路易斯·侯(Lewis Hou)表示:

We are really excited to be working alongside 百乐博app下载 and UKRI on this new grant to support communities and connect them with researchers to explore ways to handle climate change.

“在科学同乐会, 我们已经知道,高地和岛屿是社区主导的气候行动和创新的中心, actively responding to both local and global challenges – from the role of cultural organisations and libraries sparking creative conversations through Climate Beacons for COP26, 许多社区组织, 社会企业和学校致力于研究应对气候危机的超地方适应性.

社区团体和研究人员有兴趣发现更多,请完成这个 兴趣表达形式. You will be sent details of a webinar where further information will be shared about the grant application process (14:00-16:00, 2021年12月13日): 


Full details including how to apply and what types of projects are eligible can be found on the Highlands and Islands Climate Change Community Grant webpage:


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