The 百乐博app下载 is delighted to announce that it has received funding from the Wellcome Trust under the 保持卓越 格兰特计划. The scheme gives long-term support to organisations who have been previously funded by the Wellcome Trust to increase the impact of their public engagement projects and develop new ways of working.

The grant will support the BSA’s mission to transform the diversity and inclusivity of 科学. We will start by reflecting on our organisation and processes, 看看什么是有效的, 以及我们可以采取哪些措施来改善. We will be sharing our learning throughout and will be supporting others in the 科学 engagement sector to try more inclusive approaches as the project progresses.

凯瑟琳·马西森, Chief Executive of the BSA said:
“Diversity is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities we face for achieving our vision of 科学 at the heart of 文化 and society. My 百乐博app下载 colleagues and I are really excited by this chance to develop our organisation and form new partnerships that will make a genuine and long-lasting difference. We really value input from other individuals and organisations, so 请联系 如果你想了解更多关于这项工作的信息.”

Matt Locke, BSA的副主席说:
“I am delighted that the Wellcome Trust supports 百乐博app下载’s mission around diversity and inclusion. 存在真正的能量, 职员及保管委员会的抱负及承诺, and I am looking forward to working with colleagues and partners on this important issue”

BSA聘请蒂娜·法姆为多样性顾问, to help develop the initial phase of the project alongside other colleagues in the BSA’s 文化开发团队. 你可以阅读更多关于BSA目前的活动 在这里. Look out for more announcements as this work progresses, and 乐博app下载 如果你想参与的话.