The 百乐博app下载 (BSA) has today, 12月13日星期一, revealed its cohort of Honorary Fellows for 2021.

Accepting the prestigious accolade this year are (L-R above): 

每年, 合作伙伴, 邀请BSA的同事和支持者 提名个人作为荣誉院士. These are people who embody the BSA’s vision and mission in a variety of ways, including bringing 科学 to the public in a clear and engaging way; challenging the stereotypes of what a scientist looks like; and furthering the inclusion and diversity of 科学 in society.

In 2021, BSA希望表彰那些在气候科学主题的参与和交流方面做出杰出贡献的人, 可持续性与环境.

特别是, we wanted to celebrate people from diverse backgrounds, 以及那些倾听和放大传统上被边缘化或从这些对话中缺失的人们和社区的声音的人.

凯瑟琳·马西森, Chief Executive of 百乐博app下载, 说:

“On behalf of the staff and trustees of 百乐博app下载, I would like to congratulate our five Honorary Fellows.

“在2021年, despite continuing to live through the global pandemic, 我们的同事们孜孜不倦地工作,通过与他们的社区合作来解决环境问题, 本地及海外.

“无论是通过影响公众,还是通过创新和各种方式来实现他们的使命,使社会更可持续, interacting with policymakers or speaking to the media - is inspiring to see.

“我们相信,我们最新的五位荣誉院士体现了我们自己的愿景,那就是让科学变得更有意义, representative and connected to society. 我们很高兴为艾德庆祝, 克里斯蒂娜, 罗莎蒙德, Haleh and Fredi and their approaches to addressing the climate crisis.


克里斯蒂娜Adane 说:

“我很自豪能成为这个鼓舞人心的团队的一员,他们从不同的观点和社会立场来应对气候危机. Having spoken on a panel for a previous BSA event, 我期待着利用我在BSA的奖学金,继续挑战其他组织, leaders and professionals who have the agency to make change in our world.”

罗莎蒙德Kissi-Debrah 说:

“It is so important to use our power to campaign for change. 由于气候危机,空气污染只是环境变化的一个方面, 但它影响着我们每一个人. I’m looking forward to working with the BSA team, 以及他们的社区网络, to further work of The Ella Roberta Family Foundation.”

Haleh Moravej 说:

“It’s an honour to be recognised for my creative work at Met MUnch, 我期待着与BSA团队合作,开展他们的社区参与项目. I’ve learnt a great deal through setting up our student-led, sustainability-focused social enterprise and keen to pass on my learnings, as well as learn from the BSA’s networks.”

弗雷德里克。奥托博士 说:

“能入选这个名单真是太好了,这个名单上的人形形色色,令人印象深刻,他们都相信我们可以让我们这个星球的未来更加公正和可持续. 我的研究是理解气候危机如何展开的一个谜题,能与新听众分享这一点真的很好, in this cohort who all provide crucial pieces to address this crisis.”

克里斯蒂娜Adane 是英国青年气候运动和敦促政府喂养弱势儿童运动(后者由足球运动员马库斯·拉什福德发起)的前沿青年活动家。. 她是Bite Back 2030的主席, 其目标是"实现一个所有年轻人都有机会保持健康的世界".

正面Adepitan is a broadcaster and former Paralympian. 他最近前往不丹和所罗门群岛等面临气候危机的前线国家拍摄BBC系列纪录片. He also hosted the Global Citizen Live concert, aimed at uniting people to tackle poverty and climate change. He is one of the COP26 ‘One Step Greener’ Ambassadors.

弗里德里克·奥托博士 是一位拥有柏林自由大学科学哲学博士学位的物理学家. 她是伦敦帝国理工学院格兰瑟姆研究所气候科学高级讲师. She co-founded and leads World Weather Attribution, 一项提供关于气候变化在极端天气事件直接后果中作用的科学证据的倡议.

罗莎蒙德Kissi-Debrah is a campaigner for better air quality, co-founding The Ella Roberta Family Foundation, 以女儿的名字命名. The Foundation raises awareness of asthma through workshops and activities in schools, and fundraises for asthma research and the children’s ward at Lewisham Hospital, the area in which Ella lived and went to school.

Haleh Moravej 是曼彻斯特城市大学(MMU)营养科学的高级讲师. 她创立MetMUnch, 屡获殊荣的, student-led social enterprise which promotes sustainability, nutrition and entrepreneurship across MMU, 当地社区及其他社区. 该项目通过咨询、弹出式活动和创造性科学项目来实现其使命.

Previous Honorary Fellows have included Sir David Attenborough, 安妮玛丽博士Imafidon, 海伦沙曼博士, 爱丽丝·罗伯茨教授, Professor Devi Sridhar and Wayne McGregor.

你可以 view the full list of BSA honorary fellows here.

弗里德里克·奥托的图片由 Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment.