The 百乐博app下载 and De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) are pleased to announce that the 百乐博app下载 in 2022 will take place in the city of Leicester across five days next September.

庆祝191年st 节日周年纪念, 并与大学合作, 百乐博app下载 will bring the flagship event to the region for the first time since 2002. 百乐博app下载是欧洲历史最悠久的科学节日之一, 每年都会去英国不同的地方旅行. 它带来了大量的事件, 带有科学元素的表演和装置, 庆祝的人, 科学的核心故事和想法.

联合DMU和其他组织在东米德兰地区和其他地区, 百乐博app下载将照亮前沿科学, 以及研究和创新对人们日常生活的更实际的影响.

该节日将于2022年9月13日(星期二)至17日(星期六)举行, 活动将在大学校园举行, 以及整个城市的场馆, 为附近居民提供100多项免费活动.

The baton to host the next 百乐博app下载 was officially handed over at the end of the 2021 event that took place in Chelmsford this week, 与安格利亚鲁斯金大学合作.

DMU研究与企业副校长David Mba教授, said: “DMU has a long track record of conducting research that makes a real difference to people. Only last year several of our academics were ranked amongst the most influential scientists in the world, 进一步加强了我们的研究人员在全球范围内的影响.

因此,能主办明年的百乐博app下载是我的荣幸, giving people across the East Midlands the opportunity to visit the DMU campus and engage with our academics and nationally renowned scientists across a broad range of disciplines”

菲·多诺万,杜克大学公共参与主管, added: “We are honoured to be hosting the 百乐博app下载 2022 and welcoming the event back to the East Midlands after 20 years away. 我们很高兴能与百乐博app下载的同事们密切合作, city partners and our own expert academic staff and students to create an engaging programme for the city of Leicester.  

继续建立一个发人深省的, fun and engaging programme over the coming months will be hard work but well worth the effort – next September seems a long way off but we have a lot to achieve in that time, 与莱斯特大学的不同社区合作.”

安东尼奥·贝尼特斯,百乐博app下载主任, said: “I am delighted that the 百乐博app下载 will be heading to De Montfort University in 2022. The University has built a fantastic reputation for its research and scientific excellence over recent years, and it’s incredibly exciting to know that we will be working with the world-class researchers and academics based there to produce the programme.

“I am thrilled that we will be able to bring the 百乐博app下载 back to the region after such a long time away – Leicester and the East Midlands region have made some amazing contributions to 科学 and innovation – and it is so exciting that we will be able to showcase some of this cutting-edge work to the people and communities living in the area.”

The first 百乐博app下载 meeting took place in York in 1831 and is one of 百乐博app下载’s leading engagement programmes. It has been two decades since the Festival last visited the city of Leicester and the East Midlands region, 2002年由莱斯特大学主办. This is the first time in the Festival’s history that the event will be run in partnership with DMU.

The 百乐博app下载 is aimed at an adult audience with a broad but non-specialist interest in 科学, 通常包括100个左右的活动, all of which are specially curated by 百乐博app下载 in collaboration with partners and stakeholders. World-leading academics from DMU and other institutions and organisations across the UK will present, discuss and debate cutting-edge 科学 from across the scientific disciplines together with its impact on wider society, 在一系列不同的活动中, 对话和表演. 在接下来的12个月里, 百乐博app下载 and DMU will work together to refine and develop the programme of events.

The Festival has been the stage for many iconic moments in history – such as the famous debate on Darwin’s controversial theory of evolution between Thomas Huxley and the Bishop of Oxford in 1860. 1834年,“科学家”一词首次出现.

节日的起源, 以前称为年会, 能追查到约克, in 1831. 从那时起,它已经环游了全球,包括蒙特利尔和澳大利亚.