百乐博app下载(BSA)今天(7月8日)公布了这项研究 full programme and opened bookings for the 2021年百乐博app下载. The rescheduled event is set to be one of the most ambitious science festivals in the UK since the start of the pandemic, with over 100 free events taking place during the five days of the Festival. 

与协会合作举办 安格利亚鲁斯金大学(ARU), the Festival will transform the city of Chelmsford into a celebration of science and culture from Tuesday 7 – Saturday 11 September.   

This year’s programme has been specially curated to highlight the region’s strength in sustainability, 保健和社会科学. 百乐博app下载将提供多种户外 讲座, immersive installations, 与社会保持距离的室内 活动深入 的故事, 思想 ,科学背后的人 和创新. 

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H听取首席科学顾问的意见 Sir Patrick Vallance, and Dr Jenny Harries, 新成立的英国健康安全局的首席执行官, in a special in-conversation style event where they will discuss the learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on trust in science.

Join neuroscientist Gina Rippon and computer scientist Robert Elliot Smith as they share their unique insights on the misinformation that threatens the state of our climate, public health and more in Fake news fighters. 

Neuroscientist Jane Aspell, from ARU, will discuss her latest research into out of body experiences and other related neurological conditions in which the self is fundamentally altered at her event, Out of body, in the mind.   


E体验世界首映式 BODY, 由世界著名艺术家创作的户外沉浸式装置, WALK THE PLANK, 它会带你穿越身体的六个不同区域, 将人类生物学与光混合, special effects, sound and fire. 

Discover The Peregrine, a book by Essex born J.A. Baker, on The Peregrination,乘坐1号巴士,独自踏上自然之旅.5mile circuit of the Chelmer Valley Nature Reserve, voiced by Sir David Attenborough. 


Come along to our extra-special British Science Festival takeover event at Bell Meadows and A Canteen 在切姆斯福德市中心, 简短的演讲涉及各种各样的话题,比如语言的演变, 当科幻变成现实, and what we can learn about sustainable gardening from ancient farming methods. 

Take part in an 互动音乐制作工作坊- Your brain on music therapy ——来发现声音在我们大脑中的作用. 


Join social psychologist, Viren Swami from ARU, 他探索了自然如何影响我们的幸福 Nature for wellbeing. 

Get stuck in 与ARU艺术家和研究人员合作, 莎拉·斯特拉坎和莎莉·斯坦顿, as they guide you through a clay workshop incorporating clay from Chelmsford, Cambridge and Iraq at 来自大地的故事:黏土作坊. 这些伟大的事件是从顶尖科学家那里解放出来的100个事件之一, artists, performers, 学者和当地社区团体. 

安东尼奥·贝尼特斯,百乐博app下载主任, said: “Given the challenges of the past sixteen months for people and communities, 以及节日和现场活动所面临的困难, we feel incredibly pleased and proud to be presenting this ambitious and inspiring programme with Anglia Ruskin University.  

“我们策划了一系列突出当地故事的活动, issues of international relevance and celebrates the breadth and creativity of the cutting-edge research taking place in Chelmsford and across the UK. There will be opportunities to explore issues relating to the pandemic and other pressing concerns such as climate change, or alternatively to get as far away from the day-to-day as possible with interactive and immersive installations and experiences. 

“We are looking forward to welcoming audiences to Chelmsford and seeing the programme come to life in September, and the team are of course working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the Festival is  delivered in a safe and Covid-secure way.” 

这个节目涉及的主题通常与科学无关, demonstrating the breadth of science and the impact it has on everyone’s life. 组织者特别强调了乐趣, thought-provoking, 以及科学的社会方面, 来证明它不仅仅局限于实验室, 而是我们身边的一些东西. 

ARU副校长罗德里克·沃特金斯教授说: “It is a huge honour to be working with 百乐博app下载 and to be the host university for the British Science Festival. The Festival 会是切姆斯福德举办过的最大的科学活动吗, 我们的学者进行了30多次精彩的演讲, 各种主题的研讨会和活动.  

“我们非常期待人们回到我们的校园, 看到这个节日在我们城市里引起的兴奋. 这是一个漫长的等待,但我们知道这是值得的.” 

On the last day of this year’s Festival – Saturday 11 September – Anglia Ruskin University will be hosting an extra special day of events and activities aimed at families. 这次活动将是一个拥挤的发现和探索之日. 这所大学的校园将被几十个摊位占据, workshops, talks, performances, and much more.  

百乐博app下载的所有门票 completely free, 但是预订对大多数活动来说都是必不可少的. 有关每场活动及门票预订的详情,请浏览: www.britishsciencefestival.org