How performative masculinity has played a role in the COVID-19 pandemic

纪念国际男人节, 这提高了人们对男性健康的认识, we've covered an event from the 百乐博app下载 2021 that looked how gender stereotypes affect men's (and women's) reactions to COVID-19 regulations, 有时是有害的. 阅读更多

Young people and vaccine hesitancy - what role does social media play?

As the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out continues and children and young people become eligible, we explore the pattern of vaccine-hesitancy among the young generations and the role social media - and a lack of digital literacy - has to play. 阅读更多


联合国气候变化框架公约第26次缔约方会议将讨论青年赋权问题, we look at the relatively new phenomenon of eco-anxiety among young people, and how a robust climate 教育 can help to quell fears and foster a new generation of eco-friendly adults. 阅读更多

Working together on a fairer future: Reflections from the BSA’s President

In front of an audience at the 百乐博app下载 in Chelmsford, President of the 百乐博app下载 玛吉Aderin-Pocock博士 sat down with journalist Nitya Rajan for a 'fireside' chat about space travel and 科学 communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. 阅读更多